Hey there

I am an industrial + product designer currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio. I recently graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Design from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning (DAAP).

I am inspired by emerging technologies and developing experiences that empower people in their everyday lives. I am passionate about product visualization, iterative modeling, and creating user-centered design solutions.



Product Design Intern
Columbus, Ohio

Priority Designs

Created complex Solidworks assemblies with manufacturing tolerances per client specifications. Utilized photoshop for sketch ideation process for variety of clients including home care, industrial products, automotive, and biotech. Developed wireframes and interactive prototypes in Figma for user experience testing. Synthesized findings from user research, prototype testing, and refinement to deliver presentations to clients.


Industrial Design Intern
Columbus, Ohio

Design Central

Rendered product stills and animations in Keyshot for both client and internal visualization packages.   Supported the development of marketing materials, presentations, and proposals for client evaluation. Collaborated with a team of designers and engineers to create and modify Solidworks assemblies for consumer products. Developed product storyboards to illustrate user needs and highlight design features for evaluation.


Industrial Design Intern
Cincinnati, Ohio

Force - 4

Responsible for designing parts in Solidworks and rendering products in Keyshot. Facilitated front-end research and ideation for internal and external audiences. Developed concepts across a variety of fields including packaging, soft goods, and injection molding. Ideating with generative design and digitally iterative modeling software to drive discussion and condense front end development time.


Industrial Design Intern
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Product designer for development and implementation of 5G and smart city technologies. Designed CAD models and resin prototypes of new concepts that were brought to market globally. Rendered Keyshot animations and Premiere videos for internal and external audiences. Composed presentations and reference material that assisted the design and engineering teams. Balanced design needs and manufacturing constraints throughout a variety of products.


2019 - 2024

IDSA - 1st Place Overall
IDSA - Best Future Vision
DAAP - Dean's List