Canyon Saddle
Aerodynamic Road Bike Saddle
Surface modeling a road bike saddle meant for the most committed roadies. Bike saddle are highly subjective as ridders will juggle weight, comfort, and aerodynamics as they look for the perfect saddle for their rides. This saddle offers carbon construction to prioritize wight savings, but also offers geometry that is comfortable for the longer rides.

Project Brief

This project looks into creating a road bike saddle branded under the Canyon company. They offer high end road, gravel, and mountain bikes. This explores how carbon fiber construction can be used to reduce weight and improve aerodynamics. In addition, this concept explores textures that are comfortable in long races yet rigid enough to maximize power delivery to the pedals.

This project was an opportunity for me to learn surface modeling in Rhino. As I continue to develop the project I plan to integrate textures directly into the geometry using Grasshopper.
This project is still in progress - be sure to check back later!