Generative Design Headphones
Audiotechnica Headphones
A pair of headphones reimagined with generative design technologies and emerging additive manufacturing capabilities.

This is an exploration into the future of form development and a commentary on a reliance for manufacturing methods to dictate the design process. Generative design and topology optimization offer new ways designers and engineers can optimize form depending on materiality and physical needs.

Generative Design

Generative design utilizes algorithms and computational power to generate and optimize solutions based on specified parameters and constraints. It is a process that combines human creativity with the power of computers to explore numerous design possibilities and identify the best solutions. Generative design automates the iterative process by employing algorithms that can generate and evaluate a large number of design alternatives based on predefined goals and constraints.

The forms that are generated can be evaluated for structural rigidity, compression, and other mechanical properties. This allows designers and engineers to optimize materials without sacrificing quality. This method of manufacturing is highly cost prohibitive, but the proliferation of additive technologies will make this more accessible for consumer level products.
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