Husqvarna Pressure Washer
Pressure Washer Redesign
Redesigning a pressure washer gun in the Husqvarna brand language that Focuses on safety and ergonomic affordances.

Power tool redesign looking into market opportunities and research to drive decision making. Probing the market for new opportunities for power tools to impact users. Beginning with broad research and persona definition, leading to designs goals, and finally exploration into form language. Identifying a brand that users identify with and bring queues from their design language to the product. Lastly, considering ergonomics, user features, and manufacturability.

Project Brief

Pressure washers are mechanical devices that use pressurized water to remove dirt, grim, mildew, and other contaminates from surfaces. Consumer level pressure washers are typically used for cleaning a wide range of outdoor surfaces, such as driveways, sidewalks, decks, patios, fences, vehicles, and building exteriors. Pressure washers typical operate between 1,200 and 3,000 psi and powered by an external motor.

Pressure washers result in thousands of injuries a year, often involving users’ lack of preparation for the dangerous speed that the water is propelled to. PPE such as safety goggles and gloves is often overlooked as users underestimate the power at their disposal. This negligence leads to lacerations, eye injuries, and tears, especially to the hands.
How can a pressure washer be redesigned to reduce injury through ergonomic consideration and usability features?