Personal Inkjet Printer
Scribe is a personal inkjet printer meant for translating notes between digital and physical mediums. It aims to bring inkjet technology into a small form factor that revolutionizes the way we see printers.

Scribe was my senior capstone project. This project served as a reaction to the stagnant inkjet printing industry and the lack of innovation in this sector. While many modern products are aimed at notetaking, many lack the empathy for those who prefer to take notes with pen and paper. Scribe looks to use technology to empower physical notetakers.

Scribe won first place in the 2024 DAAP IDSA awards, as well as the IDSA "best future vision" award.

Project Brief

The modern notetaking industry is fragmented: several technology enabled solutions exist to help notetakers navigate the increasingly digital workspace. The aim was to develop a product that could translate diagrams, templates, found media, etc. to paper for analog notetaking. These documents could then be scanned in and digitally archived.

Develop a product that integrates the comprehension and information synthesis benefits of physical notetaking with the efficiency and organizational tools of digital technologies