ZeroWater Filter
Ultraviolet Water Filter
A conceptual faucet mounted water filter for biological pollutants in the home water supply.

Speculative design project looking at the future of chlorine resistant bacteria and water scarcity. Integration of features that are intuitive yet explore new technologies that empower users in a range of use cases. Explore new technologies that push the boundaries of consumer level filtration in a form that is familiar to users all while consideration for a defined brand language.

Project Brief

Infrastructure degradation, climate change, and increasingly resistant bacteria pose threats to global water security in the near future. Floods and Agricultural runoff can allow biological pollutants to enter potable water lines. This threatens widespread waterborne transmission of parasites or diseases. Water treatment plants rely on chlorine and ozone to destroy biological materials, yet there is a growing concern that new bacteria could withstand the chlorination process.

Waterborne Illness

Water is a resource that has often been taken for granted. The formation of the first cities was a result of rivers and aquatic systems to ensure a growing population had access to clean drinking water. Post industrial revolution is no different, yet tap water is becoming a growing source of illness as biological contaminates find their way into our homes.

1993 Milwaukee cryptosporidiosis outbreak resulted in 403,000 residents affected resulting in illness and hospitalization. This was caused by ineffective filtration processes at a water treatment plant. This impacted one in four Milwaukee residents as retroactive boil ordinances were ineffective.
Development of a faucet mounted filtration device that utilizes industrial technology on the consumer level.